Dubbi dubbi ah a-a-ah
Do do-do, do do-do
Do do-do, do do-do
Do do-do, do do-dubbi dubbi ah a-a-ah

So tell me how you feel
Tell me what is going on
Cos when all hope is gone
You need a friend
Ah ha, yeah

I'll be there for you (for you)
I'll be there to help you through (you through)
Take you to another place
Cos you got a friend
(You got a friend, yeah)

When you're feeling lone
And you're on your own
You got nowhere to go
You gotta pull yourself together

It's alright
Anything you wanna
It's alright
Leaving all your troubles
Far behind
Don't let anybody tell you
How to live your life

Cos it's alright
No matter what you're feeling
It's alright

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