Featuring Cappadonna Method Man
Intro: Method Man

Ain't what you want baby
It's what you need baby
Ain't what you want baby
It's what you neeeeeeeed

Verse One: RZA

Yo diamond crystal rings sharp like icicles
Nickel plated pistols official Wu Wear covers my physical
Insulated thermal while others drain they co four butt solos
Photographic photo type static great motivated soldier
Or Wu say boulder head flower
You can detect the true and living God from the scorer
Keep your sword straight, maintain your weight
But he ate too much monosodiumglutumate, and polysorbate
And drug rate concentrate, with sodium benzoate
By the chicken thighs and tryglycerides
And this bitch advertised her breast size
Eighty-five didn't realize, til the truth opened up his eyes
Then he became highly civilized
And spent time amongst the wise, went through a garment renaissance
And stopped wearing Benetton
Tommy Hill, Perry Ellis, Nautica, or Liz Claiborne
Ocean Pacific, Fila, Bill Blass and leave fitted
Quit the Armani sweaters with the Gucci wool knitted
Now all he buys, Kani's, Cross Colours, Shabazz Brothers
Mecca, Pelly Pell, 88, North Q, Bear and a few others
For the new year, strictly Wu-Wear

Chorus: Method Man

Ain't what you want baby
It's what you need baby
Ain't what you waaaaaant

Verse Two: Cappadonna

Pele egg-head the top dresser
One man catalog the London Fog casual hog
Biere denim with the Cash Wu Nike and Kangol king
Everyday, DLO jacket he gripped with the drawstring
Fila supply big daddy started haveta brown skin derby
Master Tommy Hil Advil
Double button Woolridge, red dickie turtleneck
Mockneck, eighteen carat holdin my twenty-two shine
In this like Macy's or Bloomingdale's
The Century 21 son, the new portfolio dunn
Now it's my time, Asian Wu-Wear, Cap and fleece wear
One wear plaids the Don will hold the best for all wear
Plus blue wear, Wu-Wear, what's going on
We're the best of this year, Wu-Wear and fleece wear

Verse Three: Method Man

Ain't what you want baby
It's what you need baby
Just come see me
Satisfaction guaranteed baby
Just hold your own baby
And just rock on baby
I got this wine on my mind
Feelin fine darlin
Now all you see baby
Ain't what you need baby
I wanna know just how low
It goes
Official nasty asses, straight shots in dirty glasses
Wu-Wear fleece for you and your stinkin piece
Hard time and killer tactics

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