Featuring Ghostface Killah Islord Ndira
Royal Fam Jamie Sommers

Aiyyo let me tell y'all niggaz somethin
One thing let me tell y'all niggaz somethin
I don't give a flyin fuck about
None of y'all niggaz out here
None of y'all niggaz out here
Cause you ain't none of my motherfuckin comrades
I don't give a flyin fuck what?
You want it? Bring it son bring it son
Bring it, yo, check it on out

Yo, lyrically, I got all y'all niggaz under my wing
Cause I bring terror throughout this rap era
Like them Muslim cats, who don't give a fuck
About blowin this rock, off the map
Where Mayor Guiliani rest at, so let me get that
Microphone up off of you, cause it's
Definitely not meant for you to have it in your palm
To try to rock the crowd
Puttin it all on to stay calm
You waited for the God Islord to drop the bomb
And swarm the stage about a hundred fat
With lyrical material that's all that
Like a two point five carat clustered jew-el
Rock like Patti La-Belle
Cause everything is real kid, you dead up
Dissect the true kids gettin set up
For a car/Jeep heist, it ain't nice
As we ran up in the crib and stuck the kid
And smacked the wife, cause she, had on two chains
With a tray full of ice in em
But that's how it goes down
When you livin in the Cold World

[Royal Fam]
Cold World, what?
Yo, I spit flames thermonuclear type
Ignite mics, blow up U.S.A. satellites
Insane Unabomber, my whole Fam lace golden armor
Royal calmer, black Queen black Madonna
The missing link be the big lips on the Sphinx
Intelligent instincts
I say knowledge is the foundation
When I move in the L's formation, against Hell's nation
Bobby Digital cybertech test microcheck
High bi-as, record the levels
Anti for devils.. anti for devils

[Ndira] speaking in a foreign language
Eventually says
"I wanna be Digital Bobby
Bobby Digital.. RZA ? Bobby, Bobby Digital"

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