She looks into my eyes, I'm alive again
And when she says goodbye, I just die again
That's when my restlessness begins
Please don't let it win
I'm so tired again
And underneath the haze, one thing still remains the same

She's the only love I've known
And now she's gone away
She's the light that brought me to the edge
Will I ever love again?

She walked into my life and my world was still
She reached into my soul and all my doubts were KILLED
That's when my lonliness subsided
She gave me the will
I could fight it
But nothing can erase one thing that remains the same


So just tell me what I should do
I left everything for you
And I can hardly breathe
Because I know I lost you from my world, from my...


(During last chorus)
You're all I knew, my only love
And now you're gone away for good
All I knew, my only love
You're everything, and now you're gone
You're all I knew, my only love I know

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