It was long after midnight
When we got to unconditional love
She said sure, my heart is boundless
But don't push my limits too far

I said if love is so transcendant
I don't understand these boundaries
She said just don't disappoint me -
You know how complex women are
I'll be around
If you don't let me down
Too far

It was just before sunrise
When we started on traditional roles
She said sure, I'll be your partner
But don't make too many demands

I said if love has these conditions
I don't understand
Those songs you love
She said this is not a love song

This isn't fantasy-land
I'll be around
If you don't push me down
Too far

Don't go too far -
The phosphorescent wave
On a tropical sea
Is a cold fire

Don't cross the line -
The pattern of moonlight
On the bedroom floor
Is a cold fire

Don't let me down -
The flame at the heart
Of a pawnbroker's diamond
Is a cold fire

Don't break the spell -
The look in your eyes
As you head for the door
Is a cold fire

Love is blind if you are gentle
Love can turn to a long, cold burn

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