[bonus track]

Nuclear tests that heep up wealth for the rich
They're selling their souls like a rotten sleazy bitch
Contaminated children are born to live in pain
No commons sense if averice rules the game

Atomic power is a dangerous and useless toy
Telling people it's harmless is a cunnig ploy
Allegiance is their ally so they do as they please
They are firm in their saddle no critics there to tease

Watch out they're gonna blast you
Their bombs are made to kill
Contracts for profit
Until htey've got their fill

Dancing on a minefield
After the blast then you're dying fast
Dancing on a minefield
Poisoning life and none will survive

Politicians get their share qhen they cheat and lie
The atomic lobby gets rich when the children die
Setting the world on fire like praying a game
Like an insane arsonist who's lighting the flame

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