How do you feel out there?
Ahh Yeah Ah Ah check this out
1 2 3 in the place to be
As it is plane to see
He is DJ Run and I am DMC
Funky fresh from 1983 DJ Jammaster J
Inside the place with all the bass
He leads us by the trace
And we came here tonight to get on your case
And we are the crush grooving
The body moving directly makin' and directly breakin'
And it goes a little somethin' like this:
It goes a one two three and

Here we go here we go here we go
Here we here we here we go

DMC and DJ Run, dum diddi dum didi didi dum dum
We're rockin' on the mic so that you know where we are from
Dum didi dum didi didi dum dum
We hope your pray for the big big drum
Drum didi drum didi didi drum drum
So people in the place have a big beater
Here we come here we come here we ?dipi? come come
So come on everybody let's all get down
What we have is a brand new sound
So nobody out there be misled
We make a more beat rhymes inside our head
The other MCs can't have a peak
When we rock on the mic to this big beat
The beat is peak it's kind of taw
When we're on the mic very taw

It's like that yo (that yo) it's like that yo (that yo)
It't like that or like that or like that yo (that yo)
Cool chief rapper I don't trick further
You keep a bag of sugar inside my live (HA!)
You let us cool everything (HA!)
When it's time for the peng (HA!) (HA!)
Because I'm rockin' on the mic until the break of day

And all the things I do make me a star
And you can be too if know who you are
So put your mind tuned to go real far
And next thing is to know what happens so far

Liggy liggy liggy liggy liggy liggy liggy
Listen to the beat NO I say
Because it's not routine in the way I play (Ahh yah?)
Sittin in my house all time of the day and then I
Move the time Jammaster J

Hey they used to call me easy D
Because I rock on the mic so easily
But now the call me DMC
The DMC of the party
The D's for duly all of the time
M is for the rhymes that are all mine
C's for cool cool as can be
-and why you wear the classes?-
So I can see

Rhymes so deep rhymes rhymes galore
Rhymes that you've never even heard before
Now if you say you hurt my mind we gonna have to fight
Cause I've just made the motherfuckers joggle last night
Kick of your sheet relax your feet
Party all down to the DJ Run beat

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