Artist: Rufio
Title : Above Me (Intro)
Album : perhaps, i suppose...
Tabbed by Mischa Gl?ck
email: [email protected]
This intro is tabbed by so many people but they suck!!!!
This version is easier to play than the others and although it is 100% correct.
And it is the way, Rufio plays it!!
Here it comes!!!!
notice: This intro is played shit-piss-fucking fast!!!!!!!
* The whole line is played palm muted!!!!
eI--------------------I-------------------I--------------------I------------------------ *I
BI------6-----5---6---I-----6-----5---6---I------6---8---8-----I---6---6---5---5-------- *I
* GI--------------------I-------------------I--7-7---7---7---7---I-----5---5---5---5---I-- *
* DI--7-7---7-7---7-----I-8-8---8-8---8-----I--------------------I---------------------I-- *
AI--------------------I-------------------I--------------------I------------------------ *I
EI--------------------I-------------------I--------------------I------------------------ *I
any questions to: [email protected]

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