[Verse 1]
Be a little senseless, directionless
the best made plans are usually a joke
the road's gonna go where it wants to go
and be a little fearless and careless
this could be your most cherished mistake
or a waste of time, that's the chance you take
who can tell
it's a shot in the dark, but
what the hell
you don't have to be so serious
why does it always have to be about
lasting love
you're too smart for that and I'm much too young
just make me smile and make me laugh,
and let me slide into you,
like a bubble bath.
stop looking for a reason for believing
'cause I don't think I want one anyway
it is what it is at the end of the day
but baby there's a cool wind and warm skin
and long and liquid kisses soft and sweet
and time as wide as an empty beach
all I know
you are who you are and you're so
baby you're so beautiful to me

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