Over there!
With those blue eyes and that blonde hair.
Come here ma!
I wanna ask you one motherfucking question.
Yes Daddy?
What are you, bitch?
I'm a H-O-E.
Are you really? Are you really a H-O-E?
I fucked the whole family.
Damn! My niggers ain't gonna believe this shit!
Then gangbang me.
Oh, I'm'a rough ride this pussy. I'm'a rough ride this pussy!
Then beat me.
Oh, I like to explore all three holes, baby.
Put it in my b-u-t-t-t.
Oh, you doing it like that? Ooh you a gangster, huh?
Then pee on me.
Oh, you a nasty little bitch. You nasty.
Then shit on me.
Damn! My niggers ain't gonna believe this shit! That's over!
Then take me.
Oh, do you perform like a motherfucking professional on camera?
Like Janet Jack-Me.
So how bad is the pussy? Tell me, how bad is the pussy?
Like Vanessa Del Reid.
All this freaky shit and you don't want no caka, no draw, no nothing?
I fuck for free.
There gotta be a catch to this shit. Something is a catch 22. I don't feel right.
I got H-I-V.
You dirty motherfucka! Woah!

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