“Move along it takes too long,you`re holding back the line!”
I tell you –we`ve been waiting here forever
“Go ahead,don`t worry-yet-`coz everything is fine”
A brand new world for us-it`s now or never
We`ll change the rules for those native fools
Hail intervention-we`re under one flag
`coz we are on the mission and we`ll never go back
Now we`re on the mission-the average man
Is down on his knees,so he won`t understand
Above the suspicion and fear of the law
We do what we do what it takes to continue the war
The mission`s right over your head
“It`s not what you think”-as it`s always been said
No visable victims-we`re very discrete
There`s no turning back `til the day when the mission`s complete
“Hurry up and check the map,there must be something left”
Nobody`s getting rich by moving slower
“Torch their towns,forget the clowns accusing us in theft”
Remember how it works-we`re taking over!
It could be strange and will need some changes,so...
Hail intervention-we`re under one flag

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