On the road of disillusions,in the land of broken dreams
From the city of confusions,scared to death I`m running-or so it seems
In the sun my heart is freezing,mind is boiling in the shade
And a mean mirage is teasing `cross the endless desert,that`s due to fade out
By now,but still around.Makes me wonder why we`re here
On this unholy ground

I feel you`re near,I hear your call,I see your shadow on the wall
I know you`re here day after day,but everytime-one step away
Divided only in our mind,why can`t we see another`s side?
Out of my fear I`ll build the bridge – you are so close but out of reach

I can`t tell you where I`m going,I can`t tell you where I`ve been
I just run without knowing what I did,you know what,just what I mean?
I gave up on understanding,I let go the foolish pride
Won`t expect a happy ending-not this time,I know it-but it`s alright
`coz me and you`re the same - even 1000 years apart
I got someone to blame

We were looking at each other while the ones we`ll never see,
Only feel,have slowly passed you...and me

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