I once knew a girl
I can't remember her name but I remember her face cos her sister looked the same.
They both left school, but they couln't find a job.
So they said farewell and stole a small town car.
As they were riding by the beach some summer night
The radio shouted out one of those songs that might just change your life
{It went like this -}

"Checkin' in checkin' out
Making love I like watching all your fireworks
I like it when I light those stars in your eyes
Just like the fireworks in the sky"

{- yes it did...}

Throwing some poems to the ports and docks
They were sleeping outdoors pushing all their luck.
They sent me a letter full of pills and thrills
Then they both got rich and moved to Hollywood Hills.
Yea they made lots of money playing folk guitar
Cos everywhere the boys went crazy just to hear these words of art:

Fireworks in the sky...

They're comming to get you
They're comming to get you now
Comming to get you now

Fireworks in the sky...

Watch the sky!
Watch the sky!

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