Tom: G
Intro:[G Em G Em Am D Am D]

G Em
The sky was clear, it was a beautiful day.
G Em
The king arrived in such a glamorous way.
Am D
Women ravin' wavin' hands in the air.
Am D
Men were cheerin', children started to stare.

The king he said he was the luckiest guy.
He finally made it to the European side.
Then the orchestra got ready to play.
Another song from the Glorious Days.

Am G D/F#
Oh boy, did he look good in green!
Am G D/F#
Oh boy, did he did he look good in green!.
Am C G
Oh boy. Hey! Let's celebrate. The nation's
D Am
joinin in. (I'll tell you all about it)
Hey! Let's party on. The whole world's joinin'in.

These were the days of peace in our hearts.
No Major Tom was to be seen in the charts.
No Sgt Pepper was found in your home.
Just Colonel Parker countin' money alone.

The king he said he was a fortunate guy.
Then he smiled and made every girl cry.
Cos they all knew that his was the end.
That things would never be the quite the same again.


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