oh i oh i, oh i oh i

verse 1:
in the dark of night
you creep into my dreams
i hold my pillow tight
pretend your holding me
i just close my eyes
until you come again
into my fantasy
i start to spin

impossible, inprobable
irrational, illiogical
though i try to tell myself
i'm alone there's no one else
i start to sweat i'm soaking wet
'cause i'm too wrapped up to get out of it
it's taking over me
so i guess that i must be

de-de-delirious, intoxicated
with the butterflies ??
tossing, turning yearning for your touch
de-de-delirious, i've got a case
of something serious
it;s like i'm feeling needing you so much ??

verse 2:
in the light of day
can't get you off my mind
all my friends can wait
i'm so pre-occupied
i hear you whispering
i feel you touching me
could this be happening
could this be real


chorus (2x)

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