I'm breaking rocks and I'm doing time.
She's on the street with a friend of mine.
I drove the car, I took the fall.
I walk the cell, at night I cry 'til dawn.
At night I cry 'til dawn.
The days are long, but time will pass.
I'm breaking out, I soon will get my chance.
I'm in a cell, it's ten by nine.
She's livin' it up on champagne and wine.
I took the rap, I have to smile.
Time drags by, but I'll get loose after a while.
Get loose after a while.
Deep in the night, just like a child.
I walk the cell, my mind is running wild.
I'm going numb from too much waiting,
Until my dying day.
I'll suffocate from too much hating.
There'll be hell to pay.

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