(Could Be) A Country Thing City Thing Blues Thing
A Song For The Lovers (с аккордами)
Brave New World
Break The Night With Colour
Bright Lights
Buy It In Bottles
Buy It In Bottles (с аккордами)
Check The Meaning (с переводом)
Come on People (We're Making It Now)
Crazy World
Cry Til The Morning
God In The Numbers
I Get My Beat
Keys To The World
Leave Me High
Lonely Soul
Lord Ive Been Trying (с аккордами)
Lord, I've Been Trying
Man On A Mission
Money To Burn (с аккордами)
Money To Burn
Music Is Power
Nature Is The Law
New York
New York (с аккордами)
On A Beach
On A Beach (с аккордами)
Precious Stone
Running Away
Science Of Silence
Simple Song
Slow Was My Heart
Song For The Lovers
Sweet Brother Malcolm
The Miracle
Why Do Lovers
Why Not Nothing_
Words Just Get In The Way
World Keeps Turning
You On My Mind In My Sleep
You On My)Mind In My Sleep (с аккордами)