Girls are more fun
Oh girls are more fun
Party ain't begun till all the girls come
Girls are more fun
Make you dance to the music
Have a good time
I could tell the way she moved me
What was on her mind
She said that girls deside it's gonna be dead or alive
By choosing to arrive or not to show
Understand she took me by the hand
And put it closer than you want to know
And she whispered to me
Good night turned to late night
We stood on the floor
Drove my mind thru the red light
Before she said go
My baby won't say
It was party time her body close to mine
Heard that familiar line dancing in slow
It was up and down in and out and all around
She never made a sound till she let go
It was something like this:
**Everybody say yeah
Put your hands in the air
The world is confused you read it in the news
Everyday they're finding something new
Girls are more fun
Girls are more fun
Those you who've gone the other way
Girls are more fun oh yeah
The magic is there nothing can compare
It's the best feeling anywhere

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