The similarities and situation between the Donner Party and the Colonial Pilgrims is
Both appalling, frightening, and incomplete. In both cases, you'll find one: a fairly large
Group of ill-prepared greenhorns pitting themselves against nature and each other; two:
An insufficient willingness to endure the very real hardships of frontiering, and three:
Coincidental misfortune at every turn.

Disasters of both camps were initially brought about by departure, delay, desert, inertia;
Which caused our heroes to begin their journeys at absolutely retarded times weather-
Wise. If fantasy is the refuge of a frightened man, and a castle in the air is a safe harbor
For a foolish few, just imagine living in a hut buried twelve feet below the snow, with the
Sight and smell of the scattered carcasses of loved ones at your feet; it is the lay of the
Land, just another day. I would like to propose that cannibalism was indeed rampant
Among America's earliest settlers: The Pilgrims. For what does settler imply, if not the
Willingness to settle? To settle for a meal of human flesh if my thoughts on the subject
Are to be believed. In conclusion, spread the word of this. Look to the night sky, and
Hark back to our forefathers' shortcomings, (and your own), as you cut your meat and
Lay the groundwork for a new tomorrow.

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