Check this out man
Life got a whole lot of situations
This the way some of those things go down
Check it
The situation is, I came to handle my biz
Raise the stakes to raise the cake
The game is fake, hopin I can change the fate
Dick Swan' representin for the Golden State
Yo, this is what it is, I'm a man with flaws
The fast life got me takin a pause
Late nights keep me out of they sights, 20/20 precise
My life feels like I'm rollin the dice
Twice the man, had to pay the price to stand
I can take it to your chest man I'm nice with hands
Slice the grands, like 'em when they nice and tan
Golden, I've been lookin for chicks to start foldin
Yeah, here's the plot, my mission takes years to stop
Often seems I've lost the steam
Off the green, nigga it'll cost your team
Everything that you got, kid I steal your slot
Take your place, baby we'll make the case
Then move across lines goin state to state
Love and hate, money way above the great
Stocks and bonds, heavy when I drop the bomb
Drop your arms, maybe it's a false alarm
Shoot your guns, only if the truth should come
We boost the sum, the brother with the truth is one
The coolest one, they wonder where this dude is from
San Fran' is the place I rest, couldn't take the stress
It took years get it off the chest
Cause life will give you a twist, I'm still raisin the fist
Take heed the situation is this, yeah
[Rasco:] Yeah
I keep my bars up fully
Sunnin the tracks like I'm a high school bully
Out in the field sometimes shit gets real
I'm rollin with my hand on the wheel, rock rhymes with my hand on the steel
The best appeal, even when I'm dressed to kill
Now they mad cause I'm blessed with skill
Try to keep dudes back on they heels, I can keep 'em up against the wall
I done been up against it all
From rec execs that won't execute the check
Then try to execute for less, but I will put two to the test
So you cats better raise your grade, many crooks get crazy paid
I might need to switch my trade, start workin a job
Boss up like I'm part of the mob
Best regards, even gettin checks is hard
I look for cash, get it then I whoop your ass
We movin fast, the nigga with a proven stash
Be the head of the class leavin dudes in last
Off the track, baby it'll cost your stack
When they try to throw curves man I toss 'em back
How soft is that, maybe not as bad as it seems
Try to keep your head up when they shatter your dreams
Cause life will give you a twist, I'm still raisin the fist
So take heed the situation is this, yeah
[Rasco:] Yeah
Yeah, that's life though
Sometimes, you gotta keep your head up, and keep movin
No matter what they say
Put it in God's hands
Keep your head up, yeah
Soul father Ras', I'm out

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