(feat. Sway)
[Sway talking:]
What's up world? This is Sway with a breaking news report
The artist known as Ras Kass, also notorious for his ongoing legal battles
with his record company and being incarcerated in Fulsom prison for 19 months
was recently released. He just hit the streets and he re-entered the studio
but the big question surrounding him is
what the hell this motherfucker gonna do now?
[Ras Kass:]
Hah, it's that SARS shit, hehe
Real niggaz stand up! You know how it feel
when your back against the wall my nigga?
Shit, that's how I'm feelin' right now
We gonna let it ride out...
Niggaz started it out, kickin' knowledge like Buns and Belly
Fuck that! Came out bombing first like Makaveli
I put the mac to your belly, then leave my contact in your blackberry
Niggaz is sweet like black cherry, yeah homey it's hard on the yard
On these streets, I'm like The Thing, I'm just harder than y'all
More baller than y'all, my gate money win on brunch, I'ma teach you how to stunt
When I die, bury me bucked naked, face down in the grass
So I can fuck the world while y'all kiss my ass (smooch)
Get it while they hot, 16s is 50 Gs cold off the track
Nigga raised the bar, cock sucker paid to starve
You professional dickriders like my A&R
I'm a walking septic tank, homey I spray and solve
Hurl shots with a handgun, spray your car
Just accept your fate, it's a wrap, dynamite and electric tape
On some Pretty Toney shit, I'm from where the homeys dip on dubbers
Flag bandanas, and trip on colors
This my sickamore styles more sicker than yours
Get more liquor, stick more dick to your whores
You guys like bitches, lie like drugs
Taking $3 bills nigga and think y'all thugs, Ras Kass that millenium nigga
Watch fools in the scope so I can jemmy a nigga
Got to dodge with a hemmy just to semi a nigga
Punch y'all faggots, some bitches try to dead me a nigga
Sip remy with Kenny, six gimme a trigger
Stop calling me racist, I know plenty of wiggas
And the only real color is green
To the death, motherfucker, Re-Up is a team, motherfucker
Yall niggaz don't know what's the business (yeah!)
My niggaz fo sho with the business
Yall niggaz don't know what's the business
My niggaz gon' give y'all the business
Yall niggaz don't know what's the business
My nigga, Re-Up is the business
Yall niggaz don't know what's the business
What's the business? WE the business

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