IF bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks
Then niggaz ain't shit but hoes wit dicks

Murderous verse
Muthafuckas won't even make it to the chorus
They'll find you and yo bitch buried in the Angeles National Forest
Anything you can do
I heard it done before better but I can do you in 36 positions
Enter Wu like the Wu Tang debut
Now who remains true to the game
Damn shame it wasn't you
Fools, they claim to fly rhymes but I terrorize airlines
My minds a porcelain glock 7 slippin through the metal detector
Ready ta wet'cha like baptism
It's rap pugilism when I be placin 208 bones in one jone wit microphones
I'm like the blade runner huntin clones
I beat it like one glove and a bat
No job, but more breathin techniques than Lamaz
Ras still be drinkin more liquor brews
And continues to liquidation the crews
Wit a drunken technique like Shun Di's kung fu on Virtua Fighter 2
See me son, I'm the one sportin Dolce and Gabana
Pealin this bastard's wig back like cradle cap
You ain't no cap pilla for rilla
And for who you desire to kill you need more God than Zilla
I breaks'em off like a acryllic nails
Test me but you appear to be Presley like Priscilla
And still malicious disses, but this is
10\% dis, 90\% skill, so curses
'Fore ya'll begin like Hershey's kisses
Ya so called vicious, although
How they gonna be a menace when it ain't no men in it?
Oh, they womenace (with clitorises)
In a new year, a new fear, and I'm nu-clear
Let's play a friendly game of who can ruin who's career
I'mma kill up on ya b-boys, you like one o' Heavy D's boys
Got niggaz fallin off the stage like they was Trouble T-Roy

(Hey, whip deez niggaz ass)

Watch me gamble for paradise
And if I gotta pay the price
Easy come easy go like Eric Weiss
'Cause I used to get my fade wit a comb and a razor blade
In '98, I get my joint in back in the day
They say it takes 5000 to educate
30,000 to incarcerate
Gimme 5,000,000 in the lottery wit high cholesterol cloggin my artery
I'm not the boss hoggin the pimp and fuck legalizin hemp
Keep the prophet on the streets
Up north on the creep three deep in a silver Caprice and the black chief of
No justice no peace
Verbally, I'm takin off from the bassline wit my nuts in yo face like Scottie
As opposed to flippin chickens
So kill game like Chris Weber in Sudden Death
'Cause you callin for time outs when you got no time left
On some highlander shit
'Cause son there can only be one
And heads is flyin faster than Ronald served two all beef patties on a sesame
seed bun
Real thorough
Duh do do do, duh do duh do do
I wanna give it to you all night long like the Mary Jane Girls (AAALLL
(Niggaz ain't shit!!!)
A blood stain wall and it aches from my nostril
I pull bitches like a hamstring to take out an mc like a tonsil
Way they be story buildin's horizontal
Within the confines of 33 lines and a margin mentally squabbin
See, every time my lips part it's a million man march and my heart is a pit
Wit a billion skin heads marchin
Daily I walk through Hell smellin like Chanel but far from frail
I roll wit my my clique like parapalegics
Confrontation conversation catch 22 exclamations but the explanation was
deeper than a Louis Leaky excavation
Tools, ya makin peace when the enemy is blasphate
Yes, we got some nuts hangin it between like a muthafuckin drag queen
But don't nobody wanna test though, ya niggaz is petro
When I put the lead to ya head like death's crow


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