Hope you didn抰 burn too many bridges
On your way back to haunt my heart
慍ause it抯 safe behind these stones and ridges
You know how us healinvictims are
I take comfort where I find it
In the neon and the crowds
I guess someone like me designed it
This place where old flames aren抰 allowed

There抯 a border you can抰 cross
There抯 a wall that you can抰 climb
The space is drawn too wide
Between your world and mine
You抳e already broke my heart
(And) I won抰 let you break my mind
As far as your memory goes
That抯 where I draw the line

I抣l bet this isn抰 how you planned it
I抳e picked myself up off the ground
These legs are shakin but they抮e standinAnd I won抰 let you knock me down


That抯 where I draw the line

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