I remember how it used to feel
Riding down old two mile hill
Tennis shoes up on the handle bars
Paying no mind to the passing cars
No doubtsno fearsjust like when you are here

No chainsno stringsno fencesno wall
No netjust you to catch me when I fall
Look heartno hands.

It took a little time to get up to speed
To find the confidence and strength I need
To just let go and reach for the sky
You know sometimes it felt I could fly.
No doubtsno fearsjust like when you are here.


It doesn’t take muchjust a smile or a touch
And I’m a kid againI can almost feel that wind

Look heartno hands then play full chord to end
Jason a. wendtland

On the other hand - randy travis
On one hand I count the reasons I could stay with you
And hold you close to meall night long.
So many lover’s games I could play with you
And on that hand I see no reason why it’s wrong


But on the other handthere’s a golden band
To remind of someone who would not understand
On one hand I could stay and be your loving man
But the reason I must go is on the other hand

In your arms I feel the passionI thought had died
When I looked into your eyes I found myself
When I first kissed your lips I felt so alive
I’ve got to hand it to you girlyou’re something else

Repeat chorus

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