1987, at a 7-11
Police out lookin' for problems
But I'm no average hoodlum
Still runnin from the pigs so it seems to me
This is not the land of love and liberty
It's more like a waiting room in hell
Drink a quart and watch me dwell
I got it right
Out in the trenches tonight
Glass towers rise above the filth and the pain
I'm a moral degenerate feel my pain
Passed out on a squat on a mission
That night I was shocked in to submission
Straight down, straight down to hell I head
System of sewers is where I lay my head
People on their way are like on a different dimension
I need no correction
Some of my friends moved on
A simple domestic life
They're all gone
Only a few of us remain
Only a few of us want to keep it the same

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