Intro: serious
Yo remember we was goin down to the mall
To get the juniors with some cheesecake
And these crums was in the front
You know what I was sayin
Yo blast what you was kickin to meon the way to that piece
You know?

I’m about to see a millyou damn right it’s real
I keep it realfrom the school of the hard knocks
The brown skinned brother with dreadlocks
That’s that’s stickin up barber shops and jewelry shopsfuck it
Somebody gotta get droppedthat’s my word on hip hop
Rampage is here to stayI won’t stop
The feds tried to get meand were too thru the cops
I’m on the streetsgotta pass heat everyday
Before I leave my restyo I got to pray
My nine sprayget me caught up like boom jakes
I’m in the bronco with my man pacofrom puerto rocko
It’s all about the indo
Now I’m in the stereowhat’s the scenario
I co rock the house and bo rump the show
Alot of mc’s wanna go toe with toe
You got me 6 triggeredh20I’m been flatbushed
With my steel on the low
Maintain in the game like a superhero
YoI’m still on a runmy uzi weighs a ton
Because I’m flipmode enemy #1

My rhymes is red hot2010 degrees
Anti freezeget these trees count the cheese
Take off them stone wild sleaveslet me breath
I’m boom bakin over seasI’m comin thru
Like the killa bees
High tech like japanese
Lyrical lieutenantlive every minute
I’m bout to shut ’em down boy
Don’t forget it
You actin like you still with it
You way ya straightif you did in the ’98
After take two shots to the head for the waste
Six ways to split the cakerampage is on the tape
On the put it around my chest
It’s my rebel without a causeI’m takin yours
In the river like georgejust because
Sat it with salad bars and cole slawson ya lips
I’m a pilotI steal ships that flips
Wit the mof ya barcode
And my trunk load to unfoldI’m out to get the gold
My mission is past the globeget ready
Rock steady98 to outbreak
Is it ya life that I takeis it money that I make
I cut you like beef steak
I’m still on the runmy uzi ways a ton
Because I’m flipmode enemy #1

Outro: serious
Yeah boysstraight to dome
Knock knock nobody’s home
Rampage the last boy scoutstraight to ya head
Yothat’s when I saidif freddy ain’t dead
Hahathat’s just the way the story goes
That’s just the way the story goes
Once again
Flipmode’s the squad
Thats word to god
But every nigga ain’t evenit’s odd
You know you know
Rampage the last nigga
O you just cant make it
Yo we got busta rhymeslord have mercyspliff by spliff
You knowand me seriousah
What? ahmanyo yo yo
We losin them rampwe losin them
I can’t see themwe losin them

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