i been walkin a couple of miles
i found some jacks and some tiles
in school my subject was about reptiles
called up my shorty
she put up a smile
after i met a girl named nicole
They call her boochie
didn't wanna shop nowhere but Gucci (but gucci)
And Burberry and Proda was her style (ok)
I'm tryin to tell yall that shorty could get down (uh-wow)
Conversations Amazing
In my phone, shorty's in heavy rotation (4-sho)
Thinkin to myself like, this is the one
Broke her down, told shorty how to do this hun! (4-sho)
Neva gave her tha cold shoulda'
if she's in the benz, I let her take ova' the Rova (vrrm-Vrrm!)
Then it's off to the movies, tell her
i'm like Austin, Let's get Groovyyyy!
From tha movies to tha crib
Git her keys for the Hersh that's what I did, And! (ok)
I'll find me another one
more interesting, more fun
Tha man has just begun!

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