Yeah Rah Digga '99 Flipmode Outsidaz shit tight
down to the coochie yeah check it

[And I] And I say whats tight
cuz a sista write rhymes all day and all night
Rolling south of the Hudson
New Jerusalem in seclusion using fake pseudonyms [I'm true bad]
Mind travels like a skitzo on two tabs
with doo rags hangin from my pockets
[Me] Me tha rap bitch that goes back to pediatrics
Early left rappers like you were straight vexin [So]
So recognize, I make a niggas eyes come alive off of five two fives
Scars the camoflauge
I shoot a virus out of my spirals with mad priors
We're takin mad people titles
Wetter than a resevoir
Lurking in the bushes striking blows like Chesa Marco named Hasana
Warmer than a bomber, hotter than a region of Ghana
Get loot like that Trump bitch, Ivana

Now, who be writin rhymes all night
Rah Digga in tha house and plans is tight [Tight]
Peace to the ones that don't bite
Rah Digga in the house and my plans is tight

A black QUEEN, ya best believe my black jeans won't say Paco
I swind to the Vill' for some waffles and some beef falafel
Rap very tight liquor got me DIFFERENT
Dirtier than an overseas shipment of keys
I write these TIGHT BUTTAS, creme de la GUTTAS
Call me Shay Digga
Plotting over loops like the eight figures
Baby I'm hard, pepresent the feminist God [What?] that gets blunted
Watch rhymes runnin, over, see me in a camo Range Rover [Shot]
And I won't stop for Jake
And keep heat by the waist for those that playa hate
Show you the way to blow, better than I tell you
Word to my beeper and my cellu-lar [What?]
Polo curls, diggin all the rapper shit like they go-go girls


WHO THA TIGHTEST? I rock with laryngitis
Gold's good for Midas, but I want the highest
So don't try me cuz I be the bitch [I swear]
I'll leave you twisted like a thug with blonde hair [Yeah]
I blow up the spot like Dennis Scott, go forward
Your chance of defeating me is morbid
Cuz I get you opin like the coming of the Pope when I group shit tighter
than a 3 piece suit [Peace, peace]
Peace to niggas I rhyme wit
My Outsidaz correspondents be more fluid than embalming [We pros]
I decompose,any rapper to tha bone, down to they X and Y chromosome
So SEE MY NAME tagged in bold or italics [Bow, bitch]
Cuz I'll be the only one salvaged
Number one imported like Beck's
Tighter than three or more heads in a CRX


Tight, Tight, Aight?, and the plans is tight, etc.

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