It was the year of madness and insanity.
There was no other cure for my disease
The overdose - I took it Њcause I had to flee,
It was nearly a journey that had no return,
The fever burned, I was gone - delirium.

There I was striding to heaven and they were calling me
From beyond and I heard : іDont look back !І
But I did and my eyes, they can't forget that sight
Њcause all water and land was dead.

Destroyed, denied, all tears undried,
The crawling chaos comes,
The twilight died, eternal night,
The crawling chaos comes.

A giant maelstrom, absorbing what we'd left back,
The desert of cadaverous, mortal loam
And jungles of decay and decadence, where once
Had been the homelands of my people,
Temples of my ancestors, they were gone, dead and gone

Then the cracks in the ground, they were breaking up
And all water was streaming in,
Manifesting the sight of the dead Berlin
And London and Paris were graves.

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