Wealthy vampires
With the cold hands of executioners
Executive decisions
Determined to destroy
What 1 million womenchildrenand men
Dieddrowning in the rage of battle.
Mothershalf naked
Infants clutching thier necks
Running frantically
Tripping over the bodies of their sons
Teeth gnashing
Swinging machete
Spitting blood and mudand screaming:
Landand liberty!
Were erased.
Buried and burned
Along with the memory of the dead
Along with the ejido.
With the smooth stroke of a pen
And with the ghost of nixon present in their eyes
They smiled.
And pronounced the omnipitence
Of the free market
The profits of profit
Extending the scurge of columbus and pizarro
The freedom to buy things you can never afford
The freedom for indians to buy corn that once flourished overgrown in their backyards
The freedom to die of curable disease
The freedom to watch their children’s stomachs swell and burst
The freedom to starve and die
Without land
Or liberty
But ramonawith eyes of obsidian
Peering through her blood and sweat drenched mask
Changing direction with the swiftness of a bird
Through the shanty’s of the canyon
With every coyoteevery insectevery phylum of life
Urging herpropelling her forward.
The leaves and branches of the forest
Part for milesclearing her path
The voices and screams of the dead beneathe her feet
Echo in the deepest chasm of her soul
Hurling hertoward the city
History surging through her veins
Pulsing through her fingers
Hurling hertowards the city
She caresses her trigger
And the words of magome fulfil her being
And with each shot she firesshe affirms her movement
Enough! enough!
I will see my own blood flow
Before you take my land...or my liberty

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