(verse 1)
girl ur in the kitchen
cookin me a meal
somethin makes me wanna come in there and get a feel
walk around in ur tshirt
nothin esle on
struttin passed
switchin dat ass
y im on the phone
cuttin up tomatoes
fruits and vegetables and potatoes
girl u look so sexy yll ur doin the damn thang
i want
sex in the kitchen
over by the stove
put u on the counter
by the butter rolls
hands on the table
on yo tippy toes
well be makin love
like the restaurant was closed
how would u like it babe(wud u like that)
tell me right now babe
(verse 2)
girl ur in the kitchen
chillin in ur robe
im sayin to myself
she betta go put on some clothes
ticklin and teasin
doin her little dance
girl u gon make me lay u done and give it to u one gain
girl im ready to toss ur salad
y were makin love ill be feastin u
girl ur in the kitchen
sweatin up a storm
the ovens on 500
so u kno teh kitchen warm
girl u kno just how to get into a brothas mind
cuz here we are stillin this kitchen doin it for the 3rd time
chores 4x

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