Baby, oh baby
I know we had an argument and all
Ooh babe
And I must have said some pretty foul shit but
Mmm, mmm
I just want you to know that I ain't mean none of that
Baby, baby
None of it

Now I was supposed to be a man about it
Shoulda never left your side
No way, no how
Put too many years in this relationship
And it's not that serious for us to split
Now I admit sometimes I make mistakes
But still I appreciate the love we make
Stop at the door and put your bags back down
Now baby please can we work this out

Now I might say you can walk
(But I don't mean it)
And I might name call
(I don't mean it)
I may pull some silly stunts
(Uhm mmm)
But that's just a front, I don't mean it
(Now wait a minute hear me out)
Now I may holler at you
(I don't mean it)
And I may tell you we're through
(But I don't mean it, no, no)
May give you looks that can kill
(Can kill)
But it's not for real
(Not for real)
I don't mean it
(I don't mean it hey)

Now I was supposed to be more understanding
Instead of tryin to be so damn demandin
Baby I'm willing to drop my ego
And do the things I should have done and more
See I know that I can be a better man
Girl all you gotta do is take my hand
Promise me this time
I'm goin all the way
And show you all the reasons why you stayed

Now I might say you can walk

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