Enough is enough no more running arouond (seaching for what's right here at
Home) because my luck is about to turn around (and I just can't keep on doing
You wrong) girl I take it for granted that you will be here always (tired of
This ego trip) cause soon you will be searching for another man and I just
Can't have that happen to me
(chorus) I decided to stay at home tonight, I decided I'ma treat you right, I
Decided to be there for you, I decided to be on my P's and Q's, I decided to
Give up my friends, decided I'm take you out weekeneds, decided to give you a
Reason to trust, these are the decisions I've made for love
Now I've had about all I can stand, no more (learning in a players card) see I'm
Retiring from the secret life I chose (cause I can't just keep on breaking your
Heart) it was silly of me to act that way I was ( which was blind but now I see)
Soon you will be sayin baby I'm fallin out of love and I just can't let it happen
(chorus) repeat 1x
When morning comes you see, the sun will shine for you and me, (I was on my way)
Was on my way to losing you (until) until I found reality (so cast away) cast
Away your doubts and fears cause from now own I'll be right here, but always,
For ever,
(chorus) repeat 2x's

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