tabbed by Tom Lanz
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Basic "chorus" Three alternate
D|------------- D|----------- D|---3-2-0--- D|-----0-
A|-----0-1-0--- A|-2-3-2-0--- A|---------3- A|---2---
E|-0-3-------3- E|---------3- E|-1--------- E|-3-----
part A part B part C part D
Generally like this...
A-B-A-B-A-C-A-B-A-D-A and so on

-Steel guitar part-
"E" shaped bar chords work easiest.
Just a partial strum and picking.
G# - G - F - C# - C x2

From: Tim Hiteshew ([email protected])
In regards to tricycle, I think that the second part (the riff after
the main riff) should be played on the D string, not on the A string as posted.
It should look like this:
D 2-3-2-0
A -------3

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