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The tune is in E flat, but uses standard RES chord shapes.
Play the main riff and chorus on a guitar tuned to F, or tuned normally and
capoed to the first fret, or tuned to E flat and capoed on the second fret.
Play the 2nd guitar part on a guitar tuned to E flat, so you can get the drone
effect. You can just play the 1st and 2nd strings if you want.
Play the 3rd guitar part (ringing chords) on a guitar tuned to E flat, using
this shape:
Eb chord shape: 079900
Main riff (tune to F or capo 1st fret)
F--|-0----0-0-0---3-3-sl-5-0-----| This is the main riff and repeats many times
C--|-3----3-3-3---3-3--------0---| throughout the song. I believe that the main
Ab-|-2----2-2-2---2-2------------| chord here is Dsus2 with some extra picking
Eb-|-0----0-0-0---0-0------------| thrown in. Wierd, but not so hard once you get
Bb-|-----------------------------| the hang of it. Tune to F to maximize ringing
F--|-----------------------------| of open strings. (Or play in standard tuning
with capo on 1st fret).
2nd guitar (tune to E flat)
Eb-|-0-0-0-0----0-0-0-0---| This is the droning heard through most of the song.
Bb-|-5-5-5-5----5-5-5-5---| Play with either two or three strings, your choice.
Ask the girl of the hour by the water tower's watch
If your friends took a fall, are you obligated to follow
Time after Time section (guitar 1, F tuning)
Fm Ab Eb (main riff)
Fm Ab Eb
Time after time after time
Time after time after time
when the bull's on his hooves, when you gather friends by the tower
If you try to refuse, will they judge your worth by the hour?
Fm Ab Eb
Time after time after time
Time after time after time
If your tired and you're tried you can find me in my room
You can stay if you want and the third time you can't lose
Fm Ab Eb
Time after time after time
Time after time after time
Guitar solo (2 times)
Ask the girl of the hour, by the water tower's watch
We can fight if you want but who will turn out the light
Fm Ab Eb
Time after Time after Time
Time after time after time
End on Eb chord (7th fret)
Notes: There are three guitars on this song. One (tuned to F?) plays the
main riff. The second basically drones on Eb notes, played on two strings at
once. A 12 string would be ideal for this part. A third guitar plays the Eb
chord on the seventh fret (with open Eb and Bb strings). It sounds like
there's more going on due to the interaction of these parts.

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