Keys cut, three for the price of one.
Bb C Bb C
Nothing's free, but guaranteed for a lifetimes use.
Bb C NC Gadd6
I've changed the locks and you can't have one.
You, you know the other two.
Bb C Bb
The brakes have worn so thin that you could hear,
C Bb C NC Gadd6
I hear them screeching through the door from our driveway
Hey love, look into your glove box heart.
Bb C Bb C
What is there for me inside? This love is tired.
Bb NC C D5
I've changed the locks. Have I misplaced you?
E5 G5 C D5 E5 G5 C
Have we lost our minds? Will this never end?
D5 E5 G5 NC
It could depend on your take.
You. Me. We used to be on fire.
Bb C Bb C Bb C
If keys are all that stand between, can I throw in the ring? No gasoline.
Just fuck me kitten.
Bb C Bb C
You are wild, and I'm in your possession.
Nothing's free, so fuck me kitten.
Bb C NC (Gadd6)
I'm in your possession, so fuck me kitten.

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