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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 12:16:09 -0500
From: Paul
Subject: q/queen/somebody_to_love.crd
Artist: Queen
Song: Somebody to Love
Tabbed by: Oren Steinitz ([email protected])
I've started transcribing this song but I only found the chords for the
intro and the first two verse. I still need the bridge and
the chords for the solo.
(The 'A Day At The Races' version is in Ab and the '5 Live' version is in
G. the transposed chords are at the end of the file.)
Ab Eb/G Fm C# Eb
Ab Eb/G Fm C# Eb
When he shouts "LORD!", play an Ab chord
Ab Ab
Ab Eb7/G Fm(/Ab) Fm(/C) C#
Since I know that everybody hates transposing, here are the chords for the
5 Live version:
[G D/F# Em/G C D] - Intro, first bit
[G A D/F#] - Second bit
[G D7/F# Em/G C] - 'Any body find me...'

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