Oh - everything I do I do for you
Oh yeah
We touch and you're afraid of me and
We burn and now I'm at your feet
High speed,but you know you're in safe hands
In the dark we make a brighter light
From one spark to the horizon wide
We trust and together we tame the land - yeah

You'd be forgiven if you think you're dreaming
But we're working night and day to make a dream come true
- yeah
Everything I do is driven by you
Oh - come on babe

Oh well it's tough to make a journey through
The right stuff is dead ahead of you and me
And you know we've still got time
Hold on tight to the driving wheel
This ride is really out of line
Raw deal, but there's no other that's worth a dime

You know I love you but you drive me crazy
'Cos you're saying all the things I want to say to you
You say
Everything I do is driven by you

Everything we do (4x)
Everything we do is driven by you

Inner children lost their way
Now they know the price you pay
I'm holding on to life with you
'Cos life without you just won't do

Driven by you

You know I'm never going to know who's dreaming

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эта песня йоххоо. и сам брайан молодец сексии. я люблю брайана.