Suena mi alarma temprano en la maсana
y la frisa me tiene agarrao' por una pata
Me hago mi cafe y el azъcar ya se acab
me lo mando asy a hullir check out the clock

Got stuck up in traffic and I was already late
I'm thinking 'bout the excuse I'm gonna use today
Looking for the one that's gonna sound better
Mira jefe es que mi carro, ss whatever

Las doce, la hora del break, me comerнa un steak,
pero no way, no hay break the job deadline's today
So i'm finally done it's time to go home but i still have to collect
And then the lady said

Just mail me the bill like you guys always do
I just talked to your boss he said it's all good
So i got back to the shop without a check
How come you didn't collect
El jefe said you're fired - Ah s whatever

Llego a casa esmallao' y no han hecho comida;
no quiero tener que ir al McDonalds de la esquina
Oye mami que pas hoy te toca cocinar
I'm sorry baby, es que me fua recortar

Asi se van los dнas en la cultura del whatever
De nada hay garantнa, todo es algarete
The day i died the angels told me in heaven
I'm sorry man but we can't find your files

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