Take Control
Lyrics: Anh Minh
Music: Sy Dan

Verse 1:
Tell me why
Do I feel like this when you come around me
I just try
To make you realize there is no
Reason why
We cannot make this right why can’t I
The way I feel tonight

I can be the one you need
Be the one you love
Show you everything you need to know and baby
I don’t wanna waste no time
Just wanna make you mine
So tell me what I
Got to do to make you

Take control let me show you how
Let my body flow right next to you
Tell me what you really want to do
Let go...let your body take control
Got your chance to let me know
Ain’t nobody getting in the way
Don’t matter what so free your soul
Let go…let your body take control

Verse 2:
Dem co don
Van nho ve mot ngay nao khi anh
Trao cho em
Vong tay loi yeu nong say hay quen di
Loi muon phien
Tinh em con day cho mong hay cho nhau
Loi man nong
Nu hon thuong yeu khat khao

Pre-chorus (viet):
Nguoi trao cho em dam say
Con tim em se mai
Yeu anh het con tim hay hua se khong bao gio nhat phai
Hay cho moi em tham tuoi
Dung xa roi em anh hoi
So tell me what I
Got to do to make you


Pre-chorus (viet)


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