Verse 1:
You see me by the window/Crying so hard/Why don't you do
something baby/I can't find the reason why you won't/
It's seems like you never cared/It's like i'm in a nightmare/

It's been so long/I'm giving you this song/I don't think our love was ever wrong/
But i knew when it was gone/(When it was gone)

Verse 2:
When we first met everything was fine/Then things just got out of line/
What happend here/A love so full of hope and care/Now we are going nowhere/
Our love is all gone/

BRIDGE:I could have met you once again/But i just can't/To feel the pain/
To see you again/It would be so hard (So so ever hard/I hope your life is
great,even though your without me/Do you still remember me/I could not take the risk/
So i gotta say it's all gone/

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