I'm afraid to love you/Worried with every day/
I don't know if you will go or stay/I am confused/On what i should do/
Should i stay and love you for as long as time allows it/Or should i go and be lonley/But never have to worry/
There is one thing i do know/

I know that nothing lasts forever/Thats why i'm afraid to love you/You are so nice to me/Thats why i just cant pull away/
But i know/Nothing lasts forever/

The guy of my dreams/I wish he could see/How much i care about him/He would think it's foolish/
And i wish,and i wish/That one day he'll love me/But i still know/
(Chorus 2x)

Tell me why/I am here with him/This is a chance of two in a million/
I know right now i could pull away/But i just cant/I cant/
Chorus 2x

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