I was listing to the radio/then/this guy came
on/I fell in love with his voice/I asked my
friend to call him on the request line/
She was talkin to him when i was listing
all along/I thought this guys charm was so
nice/I called him for the very first time/
I did not know what to say/My first love/

Chorus:I listen to the radio/i hear his voice/I/
Called the lines/all the time/All along/
I was telling myself that he was the love
of my life/

I would call the radio station fourteen
times a day/Then i was never lonley/
oh,ooh,oh/Those where the good times/
Repeat Chorus 1X

The year of '99 had just passed/Never
knew the love would not last/now im
thinking about the past/
Repeat chorus 1x

The day came/March 22nd/Year 2000/time
was 9:22 am/I picked up the paper/
It said/He was leaving to Chicago/
sad i was/I still am/Baby im lonley/
Baby im lonley
(Chorus out)

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