"Just another"

By: Pure Girlz

It's getting late/I'm E-mailing you/I'm trying to get a hold of you/But your not there/What should i do/I'm sick and tired of waiting 2 weeks/Oh,Where are you now/Baby come back to me/

I don't wanna be just another fan/Just another girl screaming in the crowd/I wanna be that trophy girl/Maybe i don't got the blond hair/Or can go anywhere/But i will always be there for you/

More days go by/I havnt seem or heard from you/I think Im about to give up on you/This stuff is getting old/Oh baby,maybe Ill give you one last chance/This is the last time/Could you be with another girl/You said Im the only one,and you would be there when I needed you/


You finally come over/And all you did was tell me lies/I could see it in your eyes/First you run away from me and now you wanna lie/I dont think so,its over/Im not gonna take this anymore/Your last chance was just taken/




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