Verse 1:
Dark starts to settle in/The lights go down dim/
Turn on the water/Candles are lit/Then i sit/In the bathtub/
Ten O' clock came so soon/In my room,under the moon/

Pre-Chorus:Turn off the light/Sit by the window/
Candles glowing/In the moonlight thats showing/

In the dark,of the night/I'll be waiting just for you/
In the dark of the night,I'll be praying that you'll be here/
With me and only me/That you'll be/

Verse 2:
Is it the magic in the moon/Or is it just you/Can we dance you ask/
I say yes/Dance so slow this way/The night grows old as we sway/
Wishing this would never end/But everything will eventully end/
Just then i felt like Cinderella/Well oh/This must end now/But for next time/
Pre-Chorus 1X

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