Im walking into the basement/I step onto the floor/I feel a breze/A breze so cold/I suddenly remember your voice/Warm as the sun/Comforting as a bed/Remembered in my head/Your love/I see
your picture on the floor/I picked it up/Then started to cry/I just remembered the days i wanted to die/For you only/

I see an image of you/I still have been feeling blue/Why did you leave me here all alone/I wish i would have known/I wish i could have gone/with you/

A door opened/I turned around/Nothing was behind me/I walked thru the door/Found a mirror/Then/I found a note that said/
Why arent you here/(Chorus 3X)

I will always remember the image of you/Even if i still can't find you/Hold on close/I will be here/Just call my name amd i will be there/Chorus 3X

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