Verse 1:
You left me one day for a job a girl a new life/You did not think once thought twice about how i'd feel/
(baby)/Now i'm crying/Cause your lying/Are you coming back/Your right on the map/
Come back get back with me/Oh ooh Oh/

You left me one day/Did not really say/When you'd come back/
I lost intrest in you now/If you ever come back somehow/I gotta tell you how/
I can't no more/(No more) (Noooo more)

Verse 2:
So tell me what happend then/Way back when/You used to care/
Then you vanished into the air/Do you even understand/What happend/
Just gone away/Now i have nothing to say/Except i can't no more/

You went away one day/Had nothing to say/I am here now you are still gone/
And yes you were wrong/If you want now/I just gotta say i can't no more/

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