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Chords for "My Lighthouse" by Pulp
Transcribed by Dave Twisleton
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B E/G# B E B C# A G F#
B E/G# B E/G#
Come up to my lighthouse for I have something I wish to say
B C# A G F#
It can wait for a moment well in fact it can wait all day
B E/G# B E/G#
I just wanted to bring you up here so you could have the chance to see
B C# A G F#
The beauty of the situation that you could share with me
G#m A B A
It may seem strange to talk of love and then lighthouses
G#m F# E
It's not strange to me ey hey hey
G#m A B A
All alone you and I in our high tower
G#m F# E F# B
That's the way to be hey hey hey.
[Intro again]
[Verse 2]
Some laugh at my lighthouse they say that it's just an ivory tower
But I don't mind because I know their envy grows by the hour
See I have the purpose up here to guide the ships upon their way
All this is mine it could be yours too, what do you say
[Chords to verse]
C# C B
I think this is right, C# might not be though, I can't remember. Mail
me if it sounds wrong
Dave Twisleton

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