Sitting on the beach . looking at the nightsky
I've seen the news today . where will it finally end
Do I really have to follow . follow them on their self-destructive path
There is a compulsion . that makes me do things
I don't want to do . and this conflict
With its contradictory poles . rules my life
Back and forth . right and wrong
Forced to something . far too long
Break out . back and forth
Right and wrong . far too long
A moon of the 5th . as a symbol for human kind
Glowing by the presence of two . the wonder of love reduced
To a function of hormones . the wonder of life reduced
To a reaction of instincts . the wonder of belief misused
For power for power . the blindness of both
As an answer to the . separation of one
Science in its contempt . religion in its selfishness
The origin of both . neglected of both
Why should someone who sees follow the blind ones
@SONG:the gate
White walls . cold light . beeping sounds
People gathering around . a beautiful tune somewhere
Frantic voices becoming softer . drowned by the swirling melody . filling my head
Sight becoming blurred . a tunnel of light attracting me . I pass through
A feeling of freedom flows to me . freedom flows through me
I see a lovely being smiling gently . welcome back my dear
A voice like chimes . I've been waiting for you
Are you willing . I don't know
I still have so much to do . I'd like to stay and rest
But my children are so young . they need me as their guiding hand . it's your choice it answers
By now I've recognized the being . and look forward to see it again
With new energy and a will not to forget . I make my way back

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