Maybe you're not being true to me
Maybe I just will let you be
But what about me?
Yeah, what about me?

All those promises
Are still in my memory
And even though I try to make them fade
I just know it's too late

You made me believe
that you'd always love me
but then you just take it all back
And expect me not to cry

You're such a jerk
And I'm just a fool
I can't believe that
I ever loved you

I really wanted it to last
But I guess that's no fact
For the only one who gave any love Was me

So tell me
Can you promise me
Tell me will I have my 6 months back
So tell me if you even loved me
Cause I know now that you never cared 'bout me

But there's no way
I could ever trust you
and now you're begging me for one last kiss
But that aint right

And it's not fair
Not fair to me

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